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Rollup Stand / Roller Banner Stand

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Size :  6.5 Height & 30 Inch

A roll-up banner stand, also known as a roller banner stand, is a portable display system that offers easy setup and transport, making it a popular choice for temporary displays. Similar to movie screens, these stands typically include adjustable height poles. What sets roller banners apart is their lack of a fixed framework, allowing multiple units to be connected together seamlessly.

The primary applications of roll-up banner stands are diverse. Superchrome offers a wide range of these stands with graphics produced through direct printing from digital computer files, eliminating the need for intermediaries like slides or photographs. This method involves encoding graphic information as digital dots at various resolutions, offering flexibility for scanning, storage, and data manipulation. The advantages of roller banner stands encompass graphic protection, convenient transport and setup, and durability. They find frequent use in presentations, events, trade shows, and in-store marketing.

The printed graphics on these stands can be created on flex, delivering high-definition images. The cost-effectiveness, visual appeal, low setup costs, and versatility make roller banner stands a compelling choice for various promotional needs.

Sastoprint Nepal currently stocks retractable roll-up banners, each supplied with a nylon carrying bag.

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