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Best Printable Gifts in Nepal

Sastoprint has vast varieties of gifts for all ages, occasions, celebrations just surprise your loved one by gifting them. Gifts are precious to all not only small kids, but we all also love presents. Gifts are not only that stuff that is already in the market for sale, but gifts will also be precious when you make them more remembrance. We provide you the best gifts in Nepal, where there’s a lot of online gift shops and that will only make you confused rather than solving your selection problem. The gifts which are printable are more valuable than one which is on the stock in the market. We print the products more preciously which makes it more special on your special occasion. This list is suitable to present on any special occasion like father’s day, mother’s day, birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary and many more. Printing is more fun when there is happiness because of our work.

Here we listed out some best gifts in Nepal which are also available in our store.

Printed Mug:printed-mug Mugs are the best gift to give on any occasion. You can give this to anyone whether he/she is your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, friends. And the plus point is we help you to print all types of design as you prefer. A printed mug will be the best gift to give on any occasion where it shows the affection towards that person. You can order and send these gifts from anywhere. We will make sure you will not have to face any trouble.


printed-tshirtPrinted T-shirt: The T-shirt is a common gift to give to anyone. In Nepal, there is a trend to gift t-shirt on any occasion. Similarly, we present to you the best way to express your love on any special occasion just by printing as you like on a t-shirt. A printed t-shirt will be the best gift to give for whatever the occasion is. You can order from us and we will make sure about the quality.


Mobile Cover: Mobile is currently the most used merchandise in today’s generation. We print online phone cases for any special occasion like birthday, valentine’s day, father’s day, mother’s day, anniversary. This custom phone case can be customizable as you desire where you can decorate and make your loving one much more special. A printed mobile cover can also be printed as a gift where you can gift as photo printed mobile case. Our personalized mobile cover is the most popular product among others.


cushion-printPrinted Cushion: Cushion is the best gift if it comes to surprise your family. Whenever there is a family ceremony you can count the cushion to gift. We provide various cushions cover design as well you can send us your loving design and we print it with love. Sastoprint brings you the best cushion print near you. Printed cushions will be best to give to your mother on birthday, mother’s day.